Best PC strategy games 2016

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

There clearly was nothing quite like Battlefleet Gothic to produce your entire marathon Warhammer painting sessions feel just like an unnecessary waste of time. We once made a Space Marine with a flamethrower with cotton wool flame coming out of the end. We soaked the cotton wool in a glue-solution to produce it solid and painted it to check like fire. It was amazing. All the folks in Games Workshop said so.

And then Battlefleet Gothic came out and suddenly there were planet-sized spaceships high in anonymous Space Marines in the thousands. In Tindalos's RTS adaptation, your job will be to rally these monstrous vessels to fight off alien fleets encroaching on human-controlled space. It sounds just as the tabletop game – except with fewer gargantuan warships getting accidentally knocked off the table and trodden on.

Offworld Trading Company

Enough of the shooting and the violence – everyone understands that the true villains of 2016 will be the greedy robber baron fatcats buying up orphanages as a location to help keep all their excess diamonds. And if you think the corporate elite are bad on Earth, just wait'til you see what they're like on Mars.

Yes, the cutthroat world of Martian capitalism is just a cruel and unforgiving place, with various races mining, harvesting and bartering in a bid to bankrupt their opponents and take all their stuff. As you expand your business empire you'll have to undercut and outbid other players for control of precious, randomly generated resources, or perhaps employ hackers and saboteurs to do the job for you. If Gordon Gecko had been stranded on Mars as opposed to Matt Damon, this really is almost certainly what can have happened.

Halo Wars 2

We're not as proud to state we all know almost nothing relating to this game, developers Creative Assembly (of Total War and Alien: Isolation renown) being cagier than an escapologist in a maximum security prison. What we do know is that Halo Wars 2 is not just a total overhaul, and that the core systems from the Xbox 360 original will remain largely unchanged and familiar to series veterans.

There's also an all-new, canonical Halo story to slog your path through, and a couple of familiar faces in the (admittedly entirely CGI) trailer for fans to go all funny over. Whether this will ultimately be the game to create RTS to consoles in more than simply a niche, fiddly way, remains to be viewed – but at least it's visiting Windows 10 too for you to get clicky with.

Source : Games Fun